The Manse B&B, Eastbourne


The following information is to let you know the extra practices and procedures that we have put in place for your safety during your stay. We have calculated, using Government guidelines, what the Covid risk factor is for you here at The Manse and it is at the lower end of the scale. However, we have nonetheless made the following changes to reassure you and give you peace of mind that as much as possible is being done.

Before your arrival, you will be sent this information by email so that you can familiarise yourself with it and raise queries should you have any. There will also be a new paper copy of it for your reference in your room.


You will be asked for a specific arrival time to prevent guests arriving all at once making social distancing difficult. If something happens to prevent this and guests do all arrive together, then you may be asked to wait. We apologise in advance should this cause inconvenience.  

Hand sanitiser for guests’ use is available in the hall.

PPE will be worn by us as appropriate at all times. We do not wear or provide masks, but protective gloves are worn and are available to guests if required.

Social distancing is strictly observed at all times.

Communal high contact places such as door handles, light switches etc are regularly cleaned.

The credit card terminal is cleaned after each use: please do not pay by cash.

Breakfast room
Seating for guests has been moved further apart for social distancing.

Guests are asked to use the serving implements that are provided for them on each table, as communal serving implements have been removed. Should more be required, please ask.

Where possible, we are letting only two of our rooms to reduce risk. Please use only the tables that have been set up and do not touch the other tables.

Hot and cold drinks, milk and toast are now served from the kitchen.

Hand sanitiser and protective gloves are available to guests if required during breakfast service.

Guests are asked not to touch anything that they do not intend to use, such as cereal boxes.

Disposable aprons and protective gloves are worn by us during the preparation and serving of breakfasts.

Your keys, clearly marked, will be left for you in your room in a sealed envelope.

Guests are asked, again, not to touch anything in the room which they do not intend to use. Unnecessary items can be removed from the room by request if this is your preference.

During your stay, as well as the regular cleaning, high contact areas such as light switches, TV remotes, door handles etc. will also be routinely cleaned.

Any changed laundry in your room will not be allowed to go on the floor, but be put straight in the laundry bins.

All used items from your drinks tray will be taken away and washed; (items are never just ‘rinsed’ by us in the rooms), being replaced with clean from the dishwasher. The tray will be replenished from our supply which no-one else touches.

We will not enter your room when you are in occupation: please use the sign on the back of the room door to indicate that the room is available to us.  

Deep cleaning will take place between each guest changeover.